Wednesday 03, Apr 2024

CEO April Message

12 months on and just the beginning!

Reflecting on the past 12 months since my appointment as CEO of the Geelong Chamber, it’s a journey that fills me with both pride and anticipation for what’s yet to come. Leading this esteemed organisation has been a profound learning experience and is an extraordinary privilege.

Our achievements over the past year have been both varied and significant. We’ve embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at growing local businesses, enhancing their resilience, and capitalising on a brighter future for Geelong. Notably, our efforts in creating new member experiences, events, and brand activation opportunities has bolstered membership value and unlocked new interest in our journey to support business.

We’ve increased and will continue to champion advocacy efforts to successfully influence policy decisions, ensuring they reflect the needs and aspirations of the Geelong business community.

The launch of our Executive Leadership Academy stands out as a milestone. It not only demonstrates the shared investment of the Chamber and DeakinCo into both our current and future Geelong influencers but also enhances the circles of connection and professional development amongst our region’s best and brightest leaders that will take us into future decades.

Our position on educating business is clear. Thought leadership offerings, our refreshed Masterclass formats, and other programs delivered across various levels are all designed to help you, our members, grow, and support your success.

Looking ahead, the future is ripe with opportunity. Our focus will remain steadfast on supporting our members through comprehensive programs and initiatives tailored to their evolving needs.

We aim to leverage further opportunities to foster an environment that not only nurtures existing businesses but also attracts new ventures and investment to our vibrant city.

The journey ahead is as exciting as it is challenging. With the collective effort of our dedicated team and the continued support of our partners, sponsors, and members, I am confident that we will reach new heights. Together, we will continue to make significant contributions to Geelong’s prosperity, ensuring it remains a dynamic and thriving hub for business and innovation.