Mission & Purpose

The Voice of Business

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is the ‘voice’ for Geelong’s business community – driving business growth, reducing business barriers, advancing Geelong’s future by supporting and nurturing businesses in the Geelong region.

As Geelong’s premier business representative body, the Chamber advocates on behalf of all forms of business – micro, small, medium and large – ensuring industries have a say on the issues that impact upon the economic viability of business and the region as a whole.

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce ensures that the voice of Geelong business is heard by the people that matter. We build strategic relationships designed to contribute to the processes and decisions that shape the future direction of our region.

You can find the Geelong Chamber of Commerce’ Constitution here.

Strategic Plan 2020 and beyond

Vision: To be the connection point for business in Geelong.
Mission: To promote the growth and success of our members.
Values: Inspired by our members. Be dynamic. Support each other. Celebrate success.



We advocate on behalf of the Geelong business community to drive positive change and outcomes. As the collective voice of thousands of businesses supported by a trusted reputation, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce has your interests at heart. Partnering with other Chambers and business associations, we attend and participate in councils and committees to seek the best for our city and its economy.


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Victorian Regional Chamber Alliance

Helping business get on with business

Affecting Policy

We affect policy by ensuring the collective voice of regional business is heard and actioned by our government.

Good Publicity

We have a professional relationship with Geelong publications and nurture positive relationships with local and Melbourne-based newsrooms, radio stations, journalists and reporters. We always seek to celebrate the success of our business community with plenty of well-deserved coverage.