Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring an Event

There are many reasons why a business or organization wants to sponsor an After 5 event, it can be a mix of branding, promotion, messaging, and awareness. Some sponsors simply want to support their local business community and they know that there are reputational benefits that come from partnering with the Geelong Chamber who has a rich history of supporting the Geelong business community to be the best that they can be. Messaging and awareness are increasingly popular reasons to get involved as the Chamber can provide the perfect platform for a business to let the key decision makers know about exciting plans or a key development in the region that is of importance to everyone. The community feeling is still very much alive at the After 5’s but thanks to changing times and technology there is a sophisticated approach that creates real interest in both the event and the sponsor that transcends pure face to face event buzz.

About Networking

No longer just an event

Gone are the days that an After 5 event for the Chamber is just about the face-to-face event alone. Once a upon a time being a sponsor or co-sponsor of an After 5 was about getting the 300 people who attend to engage with your brand, your message, and your story on that night alone. Get your signage in the attendee’s face and maybe even hand out some goody bags.

Yes, still great value for a sponsor and you are getting your company in front of key decision makers and highly regarded professionals. The events are no longer just events with the advent of social media, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Facebook advertising and so fourth our sponsors demand an integrated marketing package to lead our After 5 event and provide a run-on effect after the event has concluded.

Integrated marketing

The Geelong Chamber has a growing social media presence across the well-known platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In. It allows us to communicate many messages to our members daily. For a sponsor of an After 5 social media is pivotal for starting to communicate to Chamber members and to the wider followers of our social media pages weeks before an After 5 takes place. This integrated approach creates a rounded campaign style rather than focusing only on the big night. Our communications like our monthly e-newsletter, posts and a spotlight video across social media allow our After 5 sponsors to talk directly with followers before the event and we can also communicate through our online events like masterclasses and member mingles that has broadened the engagement that the Chamber can provide for our members over the past years.

If you would like to hear more about an After 5 networking event sponsorship, call our membership team on 52222234 or enquire below.