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The Geelong Chamber of Commerce is widely known to run some of the most engaging networking events for businesses in regional Australia. The After 5 is the Chamber’s premiere event and has been the jewel in the crown for as long as most Geelong businesspeople can remember. It is a big part of what we do here at the Chamber, though no where near all we do. We run these events monthly 10 months a year and consistently have an attendance of anywhere from 200-350 people depending on the size of the venue. Getting professionals from all kinds of businesses and organizations together in a room, allowing them to forge new connections is one of the things the Chamber has always done well. Geelong is a small, big city and we pride ourselves on our close-knit relationships.

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After 5 networking event

The After 5 networking event is all about meeting other professionals and strengthening existing connections, learning from other business people and having real conversations with business owners. The event provides a run-on effect after the event has concluded. Our members connect with another after the event and many new business relations and collaborations have been formed. The sponsors of our After 5 networking events get the stage to tell their story, share company news and make a unique impact on our business community.

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Meeting other business people

Meet other business owners, managers, sales reps and marketing people. Get to know them, build relationships and share your experiences with others. Being a business owner can be quite solitary, so having numerous other business people to speak to and connect with is a remarkable experience.

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