170-Year Celebration

For over a century and a half, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce has been a driving force for economic growth and prosperity in Geelong, advocating for the needs and interests of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Chamber’s efforts have helped create jobs, foster innovation, and support the development of a vibrant and thriving business community.

As we celebrate this historic milestone, it is important to also look to the future. The challenges and opportunities that lie ahead will require us to be agile, innovative, and collaborative in our approach.

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce has a critical role to play in ensuring that our region remains at the forefront of economic growth and development.

We have done this for 170 years now and look forward to continuing in new and different ways.

The Chamber would not exist without those who have been involved over the last 170 years.

We are all grateful to the current and past administrative staff, the CEOs, the sponsors and the board members, and others who have contributed including our local council and the state government.

Image: Geelong Chamber of Commerce Building in 1858.

To celebrate our journey, we have partnered with the Geelong Times to bring you the 170-year history of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce with a special lift-out available from Friday 9th June.

Find out about our fascinating history along with other significant milestones of Geelong over the years.

Thank you to our event partners who have helped us celebrate this major milestone.

Copies of the lift-out can be found at the Geelong Chamber of Commerce office.

Click here to read the lift out.

Thanks to TorchT productions for our highlight video of the 170 year birthday celebration event.

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Godfrey Hirst

Harwood Andrews

Patrick Rowan & Associates

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Preston Rowe Patterson

The Gordon


Xtreme Technology

Deakin University

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