Tuesday 10, May 2022

Are you an After 5 Networking expert? Take the quiz!

What type of networker are you?

Are you an After 5 networking buff? Or more of a minimalist when it comes to making new connections?
Take our quiz to find out!

Give yourself a point for every statement that applies to you. Find out what type of networker you are below.

☐ You register for the After 5 the minute you hear about it and block it in your calendar.
☐ You make an effort to remember people’s names.
☐ You maintain great eye contact when you talk to someone.
☐ You make newbies feel welcome.
☐ Your opening line is never about yourself.
☐ You don’t just navigate to the same few people each time.
☐ You thrive on talking to new people and have dynamic conversations.
☐ You listen empathetically and with curiosity, asking questions and learning from others.
☐ You concentrate on the person you’re with and give them your full attention.
☐ Networking for you is all about creating meaningful connections and giving more than taking.
☐ You leave a conversation by politely excusing yourself.
☐ You arrive on time at the venue and stay until the end to make the most of it.
☐ You set yourself a target to meet at least one new person every After 5.
☐ You message the people you met at the event the next day and look forward to staying connected.
☐ You come home buzzing with excitement.


1-3: Minimalist – you’ve got the foundations locked down, but there’s scope for you to come out of your shell.
4-6: Enthusiast – well done on making the most out of your networking experience.
7-9: Confidante – nice one, you’re a confident networker.
10-12: Guru – you thrive on making meaningful connections, wow!
13-15: Buff – you’ve mastered networking, congrats!

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