Thursday 04, Feb 2021

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Include Video in Their Marketing Strategy

The popularity of commercial video has increased rapidly over the past few years.

87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive return on investment (Hubspot, 2021). If video is used cleverly and with a strong purpose, video can transform your business, by boosting customer engagement and can bring back more return visitors who are then likely to become your customers.

Video promotion is a technique which helps promote business as it adheres to the benefits of social media marketing and the constant evolution of technology. Here are the top five reasons why promoting your business via video will give you and your business a marketing advantage.

  1. Video reaches a greater audience

One of the most valuable benefits of video marketing is the wider reach. Take advantage of free, enormous video platform sites like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram which are a world renowned marketing scheme. It is rare to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram page. These platforms are made for quick, attention grabbing videos. Using video in your marketing scheme allows the public easy access to view your business, and is extremely cost-effective.

  1. Connect with viewers on an emotional level

Video is one of the best ways to represent your business’ personality into your marketing messages, build trust, and also build connections on a personal level. Written copy on its own compared to video, comes off as boring and bleak. Visitors to your business hope it is run by people they genuinely like and trust. Even genuine businesses can hide behind dull marketing and their brand logo. Video shows off your brand’s personality and is likely to entice new visitors.

  1. More memorable than written content (branding)

We’re exposed to thousands of marketing messages through the media every day. A lot of these don’t stick. Our minds subconsciously block out pop-ups and banner ads which are usually promoting or selling something. This isn’t the case with video. Users are more likely to remember video messages than text. Try using video to switch up your marketing messages and see the difference in feedback you receive.

  1. Optimised videos are easily found by Google

Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search result listings (Neil Patel, 2020). This means using video to promote your business creates huge search engine optimisation as search engines like Google are rewarding videos with free traffic and streams, which can turn into customers.

If your business takes the time to optimise your videos for search engines, it will attract the right attention to them. By choosing the right video platform, creating an engaging thumbnail, making videos short and attention grabbing and writing eye-catching titles and descriptions, your videos will be optimised and easily found on Google, therefore more business.

  1. Video is constantly evolving, which shows your business is too!

Video marketing is a modern way of promoting your business. Customers appreciate business who are able to keep up with the times and show they are still relevant. Videos no longer have to be conventional either. With the updates in technology including live video options on social media platforms, video filters and ‘stories’ features on Facebook and Instagram, video can be made easy and exciting. By using video promotion, you are showing customers that not only you are keeping up with the times, your business is something that is constantly growing and looking for ways to improve.

Combining video into your marketing strategy gives you new ways to connect with users and many advantages you won’t get from written content. If you’re looking for new ways to stand out among other business competitors, video promotion is the way to go.

At the Geelong Chamber we see the value in video content and give our members the opportunity to promote their business through video on our channels. If you’d like to tell other members about your business, please email us about our member videos by clicking this link. 

This article was written by

Molly McIntosh
Geelong Chamber Marketing & Events Coordinator