Friday 30, Apr 2021

3 Key Factors to Build Resilience in your Workplace

Got resilience covered in the workplace? Fantastic! Then you’re surely focusing on these key factors.

If you’re not sure if resilience is covered but you’re a leader that feels you’re lacking support, have no voice or your team connection is minimal … then this is especially for you.

The best thing about resilience is that it’s not a trait that you’re born with. (Stick with me!) It is one that is developed. It is our ability to cope, to push through and even thrive, under challenging conditions. It is how we adapt and recover. And we all have the capability to cultivate it.

It truly is one of our most compelling survival skills – in both life and the workplace.

Charles Darwin wrote – “It is not the strongest of the species that survives… it is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Think of an ant, the most resilient of creatures – strong in so many ways, yet so small in stature. They can carry 3 times their weight, survive under water, eat anything, can smell 4-5 times stronger than other insects, and my favourite – the sheer amount of them… they live in colonies and they work together – relying on each other, communicating their survival plan.

“But Sally, that’s an ant!… How exactly do we develop and build resilience?”

OK… fair question… first, back to the ant. Many of their traits are impossible for the human to develop but if we look closer at how they survive, what makes them so resilient, it’s this; an ant exhibits trust, they are self-aware and they communicate.

Trust, Self-awareness and Communication….we can do this exactly the same way as an ant.

These are skills that we can develop and master, and I believe they are the secret to building resilience. I believe it so much, that I’ve developed an entire system around it and this system will ultimately lead you to a world-class culture.

Use these three key factors to build resilience in your workplace:
(as focused on by Team Resilience Method)



  • Trust in our self, that we can push through, that we have all that we need inside of us to achieve, that we have purpose.
  • Trust in our organisations- leadership and systems- that they will support our needs, believe in our ability and provide opportunity.


  • Self-awareness in our thoughts, actions, beliefs, strengths, how we’re perceived, the affect we have on others.
  • When we are aware in this way, then we know how and where to focus in order to; obtain a better outcome; grow and improve our skillset, build character, learn to be empathetic and also mindful.


  • Communication to share our needs, to bring others into our world for connection and support, to show vulnerability, to contribute, to offer feedback- again, to grow.

Resilience in the workplace can ultimately determine success or failure.

And it’s not a ‘yeah, it would be nice’ option, it’s imperative this day and age; it helps you to push through inevitable challenges, gives guidance and provides certainty.

How are you implementing these three key factors into your workplace? Can you pin-point it? If not, you really do need to have specificity around this.

With thanks to our guest author:

Sally Higoe
Resilience Coach
Team Resilience Method

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