Thursday 13, Oct 2022

5 Step Mindful Break

Take a break and tap into your senses.

We’ve all had those days, the ones that make us feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed out. The moments where we find it hard to concentrate and keep going. The meetings that add to our workload and the demanding customers that take us to the brink.

These feelings, thoughts and challenges make up our working week and sometimes our working day.

So how do we deal with them, how do we refocus? How do we alleviate our stress and support our mental health?

Well one solution is to take a mindful break. To give yourself 3 – 5 minutes to reset between meetings, customers and all the tasks that your job requires.

And the best way to do it is by tapping into your senses.


Here is a simple exercise called 5-4-3-2-1 that can be done anywhere, at any time and does not require any equipment or private space to do.

Step 1

  • Look around and name five things that you can see around you. These could be a picture on the wall or a plant. Perhaps other people in the room. Immerse yourself in the colours and the shapes you see. Name them silently and count them as you go.

Step 2

  • Focus on four things that you can feel. This could be the chair you are sitting on or the feel of your clothes on your skin. Think about how they feel, are they soft or hard? Smooth or rough? Cold or warm? Name them silently and count them as you go.

Step 3

  • Name three things that you can hear around you. You may be able to hear people outside or the wind blowing. Perhaps you might be able to hear the traffic in the distance. Think about how loud or quiet the noises are. Name them silently and count them as you go.

Step 4

  • Notice two things that you can smell around you right now. This could be the smell of your clothes or the shampoo in your hair. Name them silently and count them as you go.

Step 5

  • Focus on one thing that you can taste. If you can’t taste anything, then instead you can choose your favourite thing to taste. Name it silently and finish the practice.

You can do one round of this or keep it going for as long as you like. It is a great tool for recentering, grounding and switching the brain away from some of the stresses and problems you may have been experiencing.

This article was written by our wellbeing consultants. Get in touch with the Chamber’s wellbeing consultant Angie to organise a wellbeing catch up over coffee or book in a funded wellbeing workshop for you and your team with our wellbeing consultants Kate or Kylie.