Thursday 02, May 2024

CEO May Message

Conditions are tough but there is opportunity


We’ve been hard at work investing into education and learning experiences that can make an impact on your business right now.


Let’s be honest, some business conditions are tough right now. It’s been the subject of conversation economically and politically and for some businesses, it is a hard-hit reality.

Through my recent discussions with Federal and State Labor and Liberal MPs, there is no doubt that we are pushing hard on your behalf to better protect our business environment and push for policy that is more favorable for businesses operating in Geelong.

During tough economic times, businesses face heightened challenges but also opportunities for substantial growth and resilience. You may need to find an edge and focus on innovative thinking. Businesses can explore new markets, diversify offerings, streamline operations, open up new customer bases, expand digital presence, adapt new strategies and cater to emerging needs and markets.

But it’s hard to do alone.

You will see this month a significant focus on the Chamber providing you with education and learning opportunities. My advice is; don’t ignore them and find time to utilise them in your business.

With the assistance with a Victorian Government Grant, On Monday 27th May we have just 20 positions for you to focus on mental health in your workplace. It’s a one-day power session delivered by expert local facilitators for those that need to invest in themselves and their employees.

If you missed the epic After 5 in April with Pete Williams, there’s still time to grow your business. Pete is holding a 3-hour intensive session on the 7 Levers to Grow Your Business. Peter highlighted live to the audience how a small 10% uplift in various factors can result in 100% gains. Once again, this learning opportunity is imperative and suits those looking for big wins on a small budget.

Both sessions are available on our Events Page.

That leads me into the Geelong Small Business Festival, a partnership with the City of Greater Geelong that has been extended for 3 years and we are very excited to bring some changes to the 2024 festival, including physical small business hubs – providing better accessibility to events and enhanced connection with likeminded business leaders. These hubs will be setup in Geelong, Torquay, and on the Bellarine, involving a broader audience and a chance to grow the greater region through small business education, learning, and connection.

As we progress into the winter months keep an eye out for every learning opportunity possible as we make good on our commitment to keep investing into our rich and vibrant business community’s growth.

Jeremy Crawford

Geelong Chamber of Commerce.