The Executive Leadership Academy provides executives and senior leaders with strategic leadership skills and capabilities to excel in their role.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

The benefits of completing The Executive Leadership Academy program

How it works

Formalise Your Work Experience:

Gain recognition for your valuable work experience

Empower and Inspire Teams:

Develop skills to empower, motivate, and inspire teams for exceptional results.

Future-Proof Your Career:

Secure your career by enhancing your leadership capabilities through self-reflection.

Learning Outcomes

Inspire Change and Innovation

  • Inspire Commitment: Learn to inspire individuals to wholeheartedly commit to the vision of change, creating new opportunities
  • Recognise Entrepreneurial Spirit: Gain the ability to acknowledge and reward entrepreneurial spirit and adaptive mindsets in others
  • Compelling Vision: Develop the skill to effectively communicate a compelling vision for change
  • Foster Innovation: Acquire the knowledge to create an environment that encourages your team to innovate
  • Maintain Momentum: Learn strategies to ensure that momentum is consistently maintained for major change projects

Empower and Support Your Team

  • Capability Building: Ensure that your team possess the necessary capabilities to achieve organisational outcomes
  • Shared Responsibility: Learn how to share authority and responsibility with your team to collectively accomplish desired outcomes
  • Open Communication: Develop effective techniques for supporting honest and open information sharing within your team
  • Work-Life Balance: Discover methods to encourage your employees to balance their work and life priorities

Develop High-Performing Teams

  • Continuous Development: Foster ongoing learning and growth within your team
  • Mentorship: Develop mentoring skills to unlock your team’s potential
  • Effective Project Leadership: Master leading and managing teams for successful project delivery
  • High-Performance Culture: Create and sustain a culture of excellence in your operational area
  • Champion Vision: Advocate for your organisation’s vision within your role
  • Resource Management: Learn to optimise resources for achieving objectives and adapting to new opportunities



  • Highly Valued Employees – support an employee to achieve a Graduate Certificate in Management delivered in a workplace friendly manner
  • Return on Investment – the Business Enhancement Project is where your employee identifies an organisational challenge, researches the issue and develops the best possible solution
  • Building a network across the Geelong Region – enables participants to connect with other businesses across the region through guest speakers, mentors, and networking events


  • Opportunity to make connections across the Geelong Region – build a support network with other managers and enhance your professional profile
  • Learning through action and reflection – working through organisational challenges, situations, opportunities to reflect on experience, apply learnings from workshops and mentoring sessions
  • Learning models and tools – exposure to best practice models and tools that will assist you in your day-to day role
  • Recognition of your accomplishments – receive a Graduate Certificate in Management, equating to four credit points of a Masters of Business Administration​

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