Executive Leadership Academy

What is the Executive Leadership Academy

DeakinCo’s distinguished programs offer you practical tools and skills for success. The Executive Leadership Academy is tailored for executives, senior leaders, and aspiring middle managers, equipping them with strategic leadership capabilities. The program integrates DeakinCo’s unique professional practice credentials and a business enhancement project, leading to a Graduate Certificate in Management (22443VIC) via a streamlined Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

Through experiential learning, micro habit integration, and reflective practice, participants will showcase enhanced leadership capabilities. Upon completing the Executive Leadership Academy, you’ll be able to:

  • Formalise work experience
  • Empower, motivate, and inspire for results
  • Safeguard your career’s future by verifying expertise
  • Enhance leadership through continuous self-reflection

Duration: 10 months


Learning Outcomes

  • Instilling commitment to change and opportunity creation
  • Acknowledging and rewarding entrepreneurial and adaptive mindsets
  • Communicating a compelling change vision
  • Cultivating innovation-friendly team environments
  • Sustaining momentum for major change initiatives

Champion your organisation’s vision, enhance governance, align resources, and empower your team to excel. Encourage continuous development, mentorship, and a balanced work-life approach while leading impactful projects and fostering a culture of high performance.

Who is it for?


  • Opportunity to Support a Highly Valued Employee – Support an employee to achieve a Graduate Certificate in Management delivered in a workplace friendly manner.
  • The Program will Provide an Immediate Return on Investment – the Business Enhancement Project is where your employee will Identify an organisational challenge, research the issue and develop the best possible solution.
  • Opportunity for Leaders Build a Network across the Geelong Region – this program will enable participants to connect with other businesses across the region through the program’s guest speakers, mentors, and networking events.


  • Opportunity to Make Connections across the Geelong
  • Region – Build a support network with other managers and enhance your professional profile.
  • Learning through Action and Reflection – Working through organisational challenges, situations, opportunities to reflect on experience, apply the learnings from workshops and mentoring sessions.
  • Current Learning Models and Tools – Become exposed to best practice models and tools that will assist you in your day-to day role.
  • Recognition of your Accomplishments – By successful completing this program you will receive a Graduate Certificate in Management, which equate to four credit points of a Masters of Business Administration.

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