Growth Intelligence

Reyan Fernando is a Professional EOS ImplementerĀ® and has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, including work in FMCG Sales and Content/Social Media Marketing fields.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, he founded and ran his own IT Company for over 6 years and successfully merged with a Managed Services Provider, where he took on a leadership role, and helped run the company for over 10 years. Through his time as a leader, Reyan helped navigate the company through a growing client base, recruiting and retaining staff, leading and coaching teams and implementing and running with EOS.

As a successful business leader, an entrepreneur and an EOS Implementer, Reyan understands the challenges of building and running a high-performing company, and with a passion for helping entrepreneurs to live their ideal life, he helps organizations reach their full potential by creating healthy functional leadership teams and helping to instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout their companies to execute on their vision.