Our history

How we started

Established on the 11th of June 1853, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that represents the interests of businesses in the city of Geelong and the surrounding region.

The Chamber’s main goal is to promote the interests of local businesses and to help create a strong and vibrant local economy. It has been working to achieve this goal through a variety of activities and initiatives such as lobbying for policies that support local businesses, organizing networking events and business expos, and providing resources and information to help businesses grow and succeed.

The process

Throughout its history, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce has played an important role in the development of the city and region, working to promote economic growth and supporting local businesses. It has also been an advocate for the city and region in the state and national level, working to promote policies that support local businesses.

In recent years, the Chamber has also been focused on helping local businesses navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and the global economy, and have been providing resources and support to help local businesses stay competitive in an increasingly connected world.



The Geelong Chamber of Commerce was founded by a group of local businessmen in June 1853 and has operated since then as an independent organisation with the primary role of advancing business and industry in Geelong.

The Chamber originally acted as a financier for a lot of Geelong’s fledgling businesses and helped manage the Geelong Port and carry out shipping and export functions.

It is still a non-profit and non-political business organisation.

The Geelong Chamber is the largest and second-oldest Chamber in Victoria and it, unashamedly, promotes Geelong business and industry.

The Geelong Chamber is a well-accepted and well-respected association and, while non-political, is seen as being influential in political circles.

The Geelong Chamber continues to be essential for the business community, providing resources and support to local businesses, and working to promote economic growth and development in the city of Geelong and the surrounding region.