A Wealth of Business Experience

Mark Edmonds

Mark Edmonds is one of our 1:1 mentors with the Geelong Chamber. With over 30 years of working in the retail industry, Mark has been successful in turning loss making retail businesses into profitable businesses. Mark has a plethora of business expertise ranigng from experience in merchandise, property development, multi-site retail operations as well as in marketing, buying, product sourcing and business acquisitions.

Mark has wide experience in working with different types of businesses – family businesses; private equity owned businesses and with public listed companies as well as franchise / member based companies. By being involved with a Donut King for eight years he also has hospitality experience.  Mark is currently a part owner of a Motel and has a good understanding of the tourism and accommodation industry.

A number of interim management roles have made up part of his resumee at Discount Retailers, Hardware and Timber Companies and with the South Melbourne Market.
He is also an experienced Non – Executive Director. His roles were with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce,  Barwon Legal Service, Geelong Cemetery Trust, Western Coastal Board to name a few. Mark is currently a Member of the Geelong Authority tasked with providing advice to the Victorian Planning Minister.