Mentor Expression of Interest

Support businesses through these challenging times

Become a business mentor

We encourage you to apply for the program if you have the following attributes:

  • You are an individual who has a wealth of experience and wisdom gained throughout your career.
  • You have operated a business, worked for yourself or have been in a senior management position and have a broad knowledge of organisational structure, power, people and culture.
  • You have been successful in your business or chosen career.
  • You are able to listen carefully, ask the right questions and gain trust. You can challenge the direction and vision for an individual.
  •  You align with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s vision and values
  •  You have excellent interpersonal skills.
  •  You are a current financial member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

While the main focus of the program is to assist the mentee’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge the mentor has learned through years of experience, the mentor can also gain many key benefits including:

  • Strengthening of coaching and leadership skills
  • Gaining the satisfaction of providing guidance to assist others
  • Exposure to diverse thoughts, styles, personalities, and cultures through interaction with another generation
  • Build your network with other mentors in peer organisations

To express your interest, please fill out the below form.

Mentor Expression of Interest

We value your experience and willingness to support other business leaders. Fill up the form and we will get back to you shortly.