Wellbeing & Mental Health


I am the founder of WakeMe, a business that stems from my deep passion for mental health. Drawing from my personal experiences as an electrician in the Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) industry, where I witnessed firsthand the mental health challenges prevalent in the industry and confronted my own struggles, I developed a strong commitment to promoting mental well-being. It is with this dedication that I launched the WakeMe app, designed specifically to enhance the mental well-being of individuals in the FIFO industry.

The WakeMe app serves as an innovative alarm clock application, revolutionizing the way we connect with our loved ones. Through the app, users can send and receive voice recordings that play as their alarms. This unique feature facilitates a profound sense of connection and support, allowing users to start their day with comforting and inspiring messages from family and friends. By fostering these meaningful connections, WakeMe strives to improve the overall mental well-being of its users.

In addition to the app, I have ventured into the coffee trailer business, driven by my desire to promote mental health and spend more quality time with my children. The coffee trailer acts as a platform to raise awareness about mental health, providing a welcoming environment where individuals can enjoy their favorite coffee beverages while engaging in conversations about mental well-being. Unfortunately, I am currently facing challenges in securing appropriate locations for the coffee trailer due to restrictions on permits by the Geelong council.

Furthermore, I have established an online shop catering to a wide audience, not limited to FIFO workers. This platform offers a diverse range of products, including mental health apparel and consumables carefully selected to support mental well-being. By making these products available, I aim to contribute to the overall promotion of mental health and well-being in society.

As I continue to navigate the journey of WakeMe, I remain steadfast in my commitment to promoting mental health awareness and providing valuable resources. Despite the obstacles I face with the coffee trailer permits, I am actively seeking suitable locations to extend the reach of my mission. I firmly believe that by merging my passion for mental health with innovative solutions, such as the WakeMe app, and through tangible endeavors like the coffee trailer and online shop, I can make a positive impact in enhancing mental well-being for individuals from all walks of life.