Tradetech Services

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) is a Civil Construction company, that delivers a wide range of complimentary services to our customers, with the core view of providing as many "turnkey" solutions as possible.
TSA operates all of its work divisions, with direct employed staff, to strengthen control and value to both client and TSA.
Established in 2001, TSA is based in Preston, Reservoir and Geelong and is a private company with the founder and Managing Director Mark Wilson at the helm of the business, with about 100 staff across Melbourne, Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast Shire. These work groups work synergistically together in all areas.
Our capabilities are expanded based on the needs of our customers.
• Asset relocations
• All manner of civil construction projects
• Concreting & Asphalting and permanent reinstatement
• Drilling
• Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
• Electrical contracting. Installation of electrical supply pits and pipe
• Non-destructive digging
• Traffic Management
• Quarry supplies, spoil tipping facility & civil construction equipment
• Communications
• Fibre, gas water installations
• Bollards & hostile vehicle mitigation