Spearhead Strategic Design and Innovation

17 Rutland Street, Newtown VIC, Australia
We teach people and organisations how to innovate.
We teach businesses how to think and act like entrepreneurs.

**Our major clients include Deakin University, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and the City of Melbourne / ACASE Asia market business growth and innovation ecosystem**

At Spearhead we believe in Strategic Design and Innovation as catalysts for transformation and good growth. We're leading the way supporting businesses, communities, and governments to think and act as strategic designers; creating innovative solutions addressing the many new challenges and opportunities we face in the 21st Century.

What is Strategic Design?

Strategic Design is the application of strategy, design and innovation techniques enabling people to imagine, create and deliver new solutions to fundamentally important challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Design uses analysis, creativity, and experimentation to quickly identify new ways forward, including rapid and iterative approaches to implementation that accelerate and de-risk the innovation process.

Building Strategic Design capability increases resilience, adaptability, and competitiveness by giving people the skills and confidence required to consistently anticipate, and then act on changes that most impact them.

Why Strategic Design?

Being fit for the 21st Century commands new thinking and skills to successfully navigate the expanding divide between old and often outdated 19th and 20th Century approaches to business growth, community, and economic development.

Customers, communities, and governments are demanding 'good growth' that can facilitate regenerative and circular economy outcomes, rather than the extractive and unsustainable practices we've seen in the past.

- We are now seeing the tension between 'old' and 'new' models of business growth and economic thinking play-out in real-time; with those out of step with the new and emerging demands of the 21st Century facing ever increasing scrutiny.

- Applying Strategic Design enables new approaches to business growth, community, and economic development that are highly responsive to the challenges and opportunities we face in the 21st Century; and is increasingly an essential part of the tool kit required for success!

If you would like to learn more about how to build and apply strategic design, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills to address the challenges and opportunities you face in your organisation, please get in touch to discuss your thinking and requirements in more detail.

David Spear - Principal