Robert G Bell – Projects

I am a fully qualified Textile Technician and Fabric Designer, and for the past 20 years have been designing bespoke Textile Filter Media for the Global Filtration and Separation Industry. I am mainly concerned with Woven materials, but has experience in other forms of Textile Filter Media. During the past 20 years I have worked across the globe, being commissioned to design specific products to suit individual site requirements. My experience and expertise allows me to develop products for a wide range of uses covering most chemical applications, and temperature ranges. My products have been used in several key industries, including the very demanding field of Alumina refining (using the Bayer process). I have also developed Food Grade approved products for use in the Powdered milk industry (again a demanding area to supply product into). I have been an board active member of the Technical Textiles and NonWoven Association (TTNA). I am also a founding member of the Filtration and Separation Association of Australasia (FSAA) and am currently the acting Chairman. Over my career I have been involved in several global teams (for several different Filter Media Manufacturers) and in my capacity as a consultant have been utilised by most of the Globally significant Filter Media Manufacturing Specialists, who over the past several years have found my knowledge to be most useful, in assisting them develop products for specific marketplaces.