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RAPP Australia Pty Ltd

160 McClelland Avenue, Lara Victoria 3212, Australia
RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is a leader among first aid, ambulance and medical equipment suppliers in Australia. Since its inception in 1982, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has always ensured that any products designed, manufactured and distributed by RAPP Australia Pty Ltd through its medical and fire divisions – NEANN and firelogistics – provide equipment that adheres to RAPP Australia Pty Ltd’s Vision for Services. All products must be the best for: Effectiveness Reliability Safety of Use Emergency services workers, medical staff, fire fighters, police, paramedics, lifeguards, first responders and volunteers are some of the most important members of society and their significance can not be overlooked. If they have the best gear available to them, then their jobs will become easier and safer for all. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd holds many current and ongoing contracts with government departments, sporting agencies, health organisations, hospitals, clinics, ambulance services, defence and other emergency services operations throughout Australia and around the world. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd’s commitment to being the leader in its field is unyielding, in using worlds best practices this has seen their products, and products they distribute, become the benchmark in their field.