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People Empowered

PO Box 6346, Highton VIC 3216, Australia
I am the Director of People Empowered, a leadership development company that I founded in 2005. I develop leaders through Mentoring.

Until 2005, I have offered leadership development workshops, masterclasses and two day retreats, mentoring and coaching. But COVID caused me, like so many others, to re-evaluate what I wanted to do into the future. Where could I make most impact and difference for leaders using my extensive professional background and highly developed skills?

COVID took my leadership development work on a roller coaster ride where workshops were cancelled, re-scheduled and cancelled again. Deciding that the way I worked did not afford me the opportunity to make the impact I wanted by taking my workshops online, I instead accelerated my mentoring. I did Zoom calls with mentees but was able to quickly schedule a face to face session (which most preferred) when a lockdown ended.
The highly focused, very personalised learning in a psychologically safe and confidential setting, working towards goals set by the mentee, saw amazing outcomes, life changing for some. People left sessions with insights and skills they could implement immediately. Others worked with me as they went on a journey that took them to a place and success they never anticipated at the start of the mentoring.

From 2023 onwards I am choosing to empower leaders for success through mentoring. I am not abandoning my commitment to leadership development, just choosing to put my experience and expertise, my insights, skills and energy where I have prven it to have most impact on leaders - on mentoring.