Wellbeing & Mental Health

My Manifesto

Geelong VIC, Australia
We believe life can be enriched when you have a personal manifesto as your guide.

Our book compassionately guides you through a sequence of seven insightful steps to help you create and craft your personal life statement. Each step has an over-arching question for you to consider and three exercises for you to complete. Our book is full of stories, examples, and case-studies combined with a gentle wisdom that allows you to uncover and express your wisdom and your intentions.

Our business complements our book – we guide people individually or collectively through our seven step process. Clients can join an online cohort or an in-person retreat. Individuals can also sign-up for personal coaching to help them truly live into their manifesto.

We also partner with organisations by designing and delivering workplace culture journeys that unify and empower high-performance business teams. Our approach includes three culture development workshops: Awareness, Alignment, and Appreciation. Following the workshops we co-create the organisation's manifesto - a distillation of the team's collective strengths, motivations, and aspirations.