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Men’s Elevate Counselling

Ocean Grove VIC, Australia
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Are you a man feeling lost, unfulfilled and frustrated in your life right now? Change can happen and you don't need to live the life you currently are, you can choose your feelings. We get to choose our thoughts and we get to choose our reactions. I personally went from feeling anger, disappointment and a lack of purpose to getting clear on my vision, better relationships and feeling happy and fulfilled with my life! It's possible for you too. Would you like to build confidence and take your relationships with others to the next level?

I help men experiencing separation to take control of their lives, rediscover their purpose and build confidence using my unique E.P.I.C strategy. E - Emotions P - Purpose I - Influencing others positively C - Credo is a holistic approach for you to live your best life. I offer one on one sessions, in person and online.