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LB Learning Solutions

Customised Learning and Performance Consulting. Accessibility and inclusion specialist.

All learners. All topics. Fully accessible and inclusive. We tailor learning to your unique needs. Address learning & performance gaps. Build existing capabilities. Help to maximise use of your existing systems. Achieve lasting results. Upskill teams. Roll out change. This is our every day, and we deliver!

This is how we do it.

We really listen to you. We use performance consulting techniques to figure out the best way to meet your needs. We partner with subject matter experts to co-design solutions. We draw on expert knowledge and experience to inform our approach. We maintain a laser focus on agreed outcomes, and we do it all as we prioritise user experience for everyone including minorities and mixed ability learners.

Meeting your needs.

1. Tell us what you want.
What is your project?
What do your workers / learners need to know?
What performance results are you after?
Can we dig deeper to understand your worker / learner needs?

2. Agree on when and how
We interpret your needs
We agree on a plan with milestones
We select methods and tools including how to measure success

3. We create it with you (or for you)
We develop tools
We co-design a customised solution
We bring those plans to life

4. We review it with you
What does it look like?
Did we hit the mark?
We make adjustments if needed

5. We all deliver
Enjoy the final product
Achieve worker / learner engagement
Experience performance results and the outcomes you expected

Our services include:
Learning experiences, performance improvements, organisational change support, results-focused outcomes, accessible and inclusive learning designs, online learning workshops, accessible eLearning (Articulate), blended learning, accessibility testing (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, eLearning), job aid design, organisational change programs, small projects, and one-off tasks.

We also deliver face to face Accessibility workshops (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, eLearning) at your chosen site, and perform user experience focused document testing and editing to meet WCAG 2.2 accessibility requirements.