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Lazarus Community Centre

202 Myers Street, Geelong VIC, Australia
The Lazarus Community Centre operates in partnership with SalvoConnect Barwon, which has a long and revered history of caring for the homeless and disadvantaged persons of the Geelong region. This dual relationship is directed toward making a positive and lasting difference to the physical,
emotional and mental health needs of those who find themselves in situations of homelessness, insecurity and social isolation.

The Centre strives to ensure that clients are welcomed into a warm and safe environment, that there are skilled practitioners available to assist them with the daily necessities of life, including providing them with a meal, a shower, facilities to wash and dry their clothes, and access to social
activities and specialist support. The Centre welcomes all people whether they are homeless or not, with no bias or exclusion. In the 13 weeks following the Centre opening, they had 1176 contacts with over 2269 activities (e.g. meals, showers, laundry and recreational activities) provided.