KMB Coaching

Torquay VIC, Australia
Helping people to understand themselves better and accept their unique way of operating, while letting go of the thinking, behaviours or identity that’s been holding them back, allows them to experience more joy, calm, success and fulfilment in work and life as a whole.

With almost three decades of experience understanding human behaviour and facilitating change within individuals’ careers, businesses, and lives, I know what’s needed to create transformational change that lasts. There is not a cookie-cutter strategy in sight, because we look at highly customised outcomes for each individual, team or business.

I’ve worked with enough people to know that ticking more goals off your list or increasing your revenue alone won’t lead to more happiness. Adopting someone else’s strategy doesn’t work either. Let’s help you to get clear on exactly what you want and the best way for you to do that so that you experience less resistance and more flow.

I'm all about helping business owners, leaders and teams to thrive. With a background in neurological allied health, I understand neuroscience, neuroplasticity and human behaviour, as well as human behaviour and what drives people. I have a speciality in helping individuals to develop effective boundaries (both with themselves and others), to communicate them effectively, and to boost performance and wellbeing as a result.

I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring for business owners, leaders and those looking for a career change; group coaching on Human Design; 1:1 Human Design sessions and workshops for teams (introduction to Human Design or a Team Analysis). Feel free to head to my website to learn more.