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Inner Joy and Wellbeing

Welcome to Inner Joy and Wellbeing. My name is Alison and I have been offering complementary treatments for over 20 years. I have had such positive results that I have expanded my business to offer treatments full time here in Lara and in surrounding areas, markets and in health facilities.

I first studied Reflexology 1999 and have been practicing since, refining my techniques over this time to now offer a unique Reflexology experience. I have practiced in care settings with people with varying disabilities and age groups, carers themselves, friends, family and general members of the community.
I enjoy watching the change in people with each reflexology treatment and increased quality of life wherever they are on their life journey.

I have studied all 3 levels of Reiki and am a Master Practitioner and teacher. I have studied for 4 years to complete this qualification and did a lot of healing and discovery of my own on this journey.
I have completed a Certificate of Care of Life-Threatening Illness for Reiki and Reflexology Practitioners. Practitioners offer Reiki and Reflexology to people in Hospitals and Health care settings to support them in their healing journey or at their end of life.

To empower, heal and inspire you to live your best life.

We create an environment for healing and wellbeing refined over 20 years.

Below is a description of the modalities that I offer and what to expect when receiving a treatment.


There are zones and reflexes in your feet that correlate with parts of your body. By applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques this aids the body to re-balance, energise and heal supporting the body to return to homeostasis and wellbeing.

• Better sleep and recovery
• Balance and clarity
• Reduced stress and anxiety
• Pain relief
• Increased energy
• Aids digestion
• Relaxation
• Serious illness support