Media, Photo & Video Services

Imperial Conquest Industries

Geelong VIC, Australia
Imperial Conquest Industries is a multi-media arts company with a focus on complete video production services, cinematic event presentations and distribution and other areas currently under development.

We offer a full range of skills and services to fulfil all your corporate needs from video adverts to Business Profile videos to internal corporate videos. Alternatively, if you are after a short film viewing party for a Corporate event, End of the (Financial) Year or Business Celebration event or just a something for your own social group to enjoy then that is something we can also organise. ICI currently has two major divisions, Legio-Centurion Films, the Film and Entertainment Division, which is responsible for full video production. Our second division is Golden Throne Cinema Entertainment, the Cinematic Presentation and Distribution Division, which is responsible for such events as the Geelong Independent Film Festival as well as a number of other events currently under development. This division also offers short film presentation events for Corporate and Social/Private clients.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you fulfil your needs from videos to so much more.

Get in touch via e-mail at or directly via phone: 0400 230 944.

Please bare with us regarding our websites, we are currently undergoing a restructure and will have it back up soon :)