Education & Training


idrivesafety research driven live&dynamic training systems have demonstrated Teens, Disabilities, Seniors and all driving groups can drivesafety when the education is effective.

Guaranteed to reduce the road toll with 5 Star driver Education Programs Delivered by accredited coaches in a Graduated Education System (GES) measuring success against ZERO.
Following 7 years in global research Craig Waters idrivesafety founder bridged the gap between theory and practice using coaching methodologies developing a world leading curriculum that provides drivers with a safe process for every road user interaction.

-Driving Coaches are behaviourists & use pedagogical (andragogical) teaching methods.
-Delivery methodology- tailored to each learning style Introvert-Extrovert. Artist-Engineer. Aspergers-Risk Takers. Anxiety-Autism are all training differently whilst the outcome remains the same. “idrivesafety”
-Curriculum- 3 foundations-17 core subjects-48 modules-839 units of CBET . A safe process for every road user interaction. #idrivesafety
-Environments must be matched to needs in a graduated education system (GES). Live and dynamic or its simulated
-Success- Measured against ZERO, the only safe outcome.