Cyber Freelancer

Mount Duneed VIC, Australia
A seasoned IT professional with 26 years of experience, dedicating the last decade to Cyber Security and specializing in Cyber Incident Response and now in a freelance capacity I am helping business and individuals uplift their protection from cyber threats. I have previously managed a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), leading a team in responding to over 100 cyber incidents that had potential or realized impact. Our focus was on containment of the incident and recovery of affected systems. Coupled with many extensive tabletop practice sessions we ensured that the teams response to real cyber threats was well practiced.

Professional Experience:
In my career, I've worked on networks of various sizes, managed and supported desktops, servers, firewalls, routers, switches and used a number of different cyber platforms. I have seen and worked with a lot of different technology vendors and in doing this I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years that has helped me to become the cyber professional I am today. I have also obtained numerous vendor certifications over the years.

How I Can Help:
Leveraging my knowledge, skill and hands-on experience, I collaborate with business and individuals to determine what your cyber risk looks like and how exposed your systems are to cyber threats. Together we formulate a plan on how we can work to uplift the security of the systems you use and also how we can reduce your costs. I can help with a range of services that will meet your needs by giving unbiased insight into your cyber risk. A brief list of my services are below, however you can see the details of them by clicking the options in the top menu buttons.

For Business:
Essential Eight Assessments
Network Risk Exposure.
Firewall In-Depth Assessments
Executive OSINT Assessments
Incident Response Plan
Incident Response Practice Session
Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting

For Individuals:
Online Presence Management: Helping you disappear from the internet
Mobile Phone Security - Become more private online
Home Network Security - Keep your home private and secure from online threats
Secure Data Backup and Storage Guidance - your last line of defense
Ransomware Mitigation and Response Strategies
Cyber Security Career Tutoring

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