Custom Neon

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Custom Neon exists to spark joy worldwide by lighting up life’s most memorable moments! 👌🏼⚡️👊🏼 Custom made to order neon lights + worldwide shipping.

Neon signs have expanded beyond their traditional use as open signs, as businesses have discovered their versatility. Neon word lights have become popular in co-workspaces for their appeal to a younger generation, while coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners use neon wall art to add to their ambiance.

Beauty salons and barber shops are among the many establishments that incorporate neon light up signs, while nightclubs and yoga studios opt for neon quote signs. Even mobile businesses such as food trucks, pop-ups, boutiques, and hair salons have found success using neon signs to attract the Instagram generation. A neon wall decoration can provide the perfect backdrop for selfies, making it an effective way to get people talking about your business.

Start-ups and marketing agencies are also taking advantage of the trend, using neon art and quirky signs to generate free advertising through social media shares.