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Ascent People Insights

Ascent People Insights was founded on the belief that every organisation should have access to the tools to make work a great place to be. We're challenging the status-quo by providing businesses with simple, cost effective, and evidence-based way to build great employee experiences and high performing teams.

We offer consulting services based on the principal that every workplace should have the ability to apply the latest in people science to allow their workforce to thrive. Our team of Masters qualified Organisational Development Psychologists have done the research for you, and simplified the process, so we can work alongside you - developing your own knowledge and expertise - to co-deliver any change initiatives within your organisation.

Understanding that each organisation is unique, we harness insights from your workforce by taking inventory of the Ten Pillars of Employee Experience, and take time to understand your specific circumstances and goals, to craft tailored, research-backed HR solutions that will allow your workforce to truly thrive.