Adeptive Advisory

1 Mundy St, Geelong VIC, Australia
In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world - undergoing exponential change at an exponential rate - organisations and their leaders need to become more creative, more deliberately developmental and overwhelmingly more 'adeptive'. The ability to learn and know more, faster, is emerging as THE key competitive advantage.

Adeptive is a lead-to-learn advisory operating nationally and internationally that challenges leaders, teams and organisations to enhance their 'adeptive capacity' - their ability to develop and weave together different ways of professionally knowing (up, in, across and forward) - so that they are equipped to benefit from conscious and conscientious actionable knowledge in dynamic environments.

Adeptive Advisory's areas of inquiry and practice include:
- Exclusive accredited facilitator of xLEAD's (MIT+INSEAD) x360 Diagnostic and xCHANGE Simulation tools
- Contemporary research on organisational leadership, learning, culture and the future of work
- Executive and team coaching
- Adeptive Leadership development
- Cognitive Strategic Style assessment
- Lifelong Learning and FutureSkills Assessment/Planning
- Organisational/Enterprise Learning Strategy formulation
- Creative and critical thinking skill building
- Organisational Culture and Workplace Social Capital measurement and development
- 'L15' Leadership Programs (learning into contemporary leadership and management challenges in just 15 minutes per day)
- 'Memories of the Future' scenario-based learning for Executive Teams
- Custom workshops and presentations for offsite and in-house professional development events