A Fresh Approach Coaching & Consulting

15 Ingrid Place, Lara VIC, Australia
Services Offered:
- Masterclasses
- Coaching - personal development and executive, using brain hacks to create unwavering confidence in self.
- Coaching - business development and strategy
- Workshops and Webinars: Themed around relevant topics such as 'Confidence and Courageous Conversations', strategy, and planning

Who I service: Senior Managers in a corporate setting or entrepreneurs

Why Choose Us?
Evidence-Based Methods: All coaching techniques are backed by science.
Personalised Approach: Tailor-made solutions based on requirements.
Credible Expertise: Led by Dr. Simone Boer, a reputable neurocoach with specialised skills in brain hacks, and strategy facilitation.

Our aim is to help our amazing clients develop the confidence they need to overcome challenges, whether it's feeling stuck in their career or their business, dealing with imposter syndrome, or finding a meaningful path in life.